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National Graphic Supply, founded in 1973, is a nationwide distributor for silver and diazo phototool films, protection film, and contaminate removal systems.

NGS Technical Specialists are highly skilled, experienced photographic consultants who assist customers in obtaining the best quality phototools at the lowest cost. If your phototools have low density, soft line edges, or if you are experiencing size holding problems, call one of our technical specialists and see how we can assist with your production yield goals. We can truly help a PCB manufacturer improve its imaging quality and maintain control of its film processing system.

Our expertise is a reflection of NGS as the only distributor for the PCB market who specializes in products for Phototooling applications. NGS distributes nationally, with 9 warehouses and 14 technical Specialists, and is the exclusive distributor for Fuji Photo Plotter films, NGS and Folex diazo films and other support products.

We Value Your Business - We Offer:

  • In depth technical support for your imaging department.
  • Diagnostic tools that can be used for ISO data on Phototooling quality compliance.
  • Assistance to improve registration of your Phototools.
  • Elimination of unnecessary Phototool process steps.
  • Quality audits to assist in reduction in Phototool defects.
  • Cutomized Quality Control Phototool audits.
  • Develop Phototooling systems to meet the constantly changing requirements of imaging finer lines and spaces.
  • Image Quality Management System - Controls all parameters of photo film process.

Phone:909-989-5200 800-779-5657 Fax: 909-989-5212

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