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 Call your NGS representative or our corporate office for an analysis of your film processing requirements. We will recommend the make and model to suite your specific imaging needs.

Colenta Imageline Processor


Hela Diazo Developer

The Hela developer is a highly durable machine and is specifically designed to enhance the dimensional stability characteristics of diazo film because of its low temperature development rate. Major features include:

  • Fast, even and oderless development
  • Low temperature processing system
  • Adjustable ammonia pump
  • Variable speed adjustment
  • 23.4"(60cm) throat model
  • Sturdy construction

Visitek Diazo Developers

Visitek V-24

The Visitek #V-24 employs a unique, one pass through Ammonia Vaporizing System. They can't leak, spill, overload or leave a residue and they don't require constant cleaning! What they do is work perfectly and consistently so that you get perfect film every time.

Visitek SM-2500

Microprocessor Controlled

The Visitek Model SM2500 developed specifically for printed circuit board manufacturers, features guide-flat feeding, eliminating jams and curling during single pass development.

Features displayed on an easy-to-read digital vacuum fluorescent readout:

  1. Infinitely varying of the film throughput speed from 10" to 46" per minute, includes a switch to reverse the film rollers.
  2. Variable shot timing of a self-contained ammonia metering pump - from 2 to 60 seconds.
  3. Adjustable temperature settings from 120° F (49° C) to 210° F (99° C).

These features allow the operator to easily adjust film speed through the developer, amount of ammonia being pumped per minute, and film processing temperatures.

The SM2500 also contains an exhaust blower, venting ammonia fumes sealed within the machine into a factory supplied filter. Applicable for smaller environments, this machine can also be vented into building exhaust systems, eliminating objectionable ammonia smell common with non-filtered machines.




At last a safe economical way to convert standard fluorescent lamps into safelights in seconds. Simply slip over any fluorescent tube, attach the black end caps and "Presto", instant safelights that will not fog film yet provides 40% more light than incandescent safelights.

EncapSulite Shield used in conjunction with fluorescent lamps provide an overall shadowless illumination and consequently an optimum working environment. The "fade-free" filters are available for use with UV sensitive, Blue sensitive, Green sensitive and Infrared sensitive materials. Call your NGS representative for the proper shield for your specific application.



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