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Specific Gravity Mixing System.  A system for any film processing 

application that eliminates inconsistency in chemistry mixing.   

Accurate - Fast - Safe


Auto Mixer Specs

 The Major Benifits of the Chemical Auto-Mixer are;

  • Chemicals are always mixed 100% accurately - no mixing errors.
  • Reduce labor time to mix chemicals.
  • Eliminates potential of chemical spills.
  • Safer for employees - no splashing chemicals on operators.

NGS Chemicals

  • Fine Line Liquid Developer


4 X 1 Gallon/CaseMixes 1 part concentrate to 2 parts water

Fine Line Liquid Fixer 


4 X 1 GallonMixes 1 part concentrate to 3 parts water

System Cleaners:

Allied-28560 Developer

Allied-29025 Fixer

Hydra DSC - 100 

  •  Developer Tank Systems Cleaner -  2 Stage Developer System Cleaner. Rapidly removes silver, silver oxide, developer build up from developer racks and tanks.


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