FUJI Photoplotting Film HPR-7S
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Plotter film HG new HPR-7s is one of the films in Fujifilm's new satisfine PCB film series. It is designed for laser photoplotter equipped with He-Ne lasers or red laser diodes. Our unique charged accelerator emulsion technology used for HQ System provides the following features.

  1. HG New HPR-7s has sensitivity and contrast suitable for laser photoplotters with He-Ne lasers or red laser diodes to provide images with sharp edges.
  2. HG New HPR-7s is suitable for processing with the Fujifilm HQ system developer, which provides high quality and consistent results.
  3. To eliminate false signals with AOI (Automated optical inspection), there is no matte on emulsion side.
  4. The film backing layer has incorperated a newly developed electroconductive grain to provide permanent protection from static.
  5. HG New HPR-7s has wide exposure latitude, allowing accurate reproduction regardless of exposure variations.
  6. HG New HPR-7s absorbs less ultrviolet light, allowing the reduction of the exposure time onto the photoresist.


0.175 mm polyester base

Spectral Sensitivity


Spectral Sensitivity Curve


Use a Fuji Safelight Glass SLG-No.4B (green) with a 10 watt lamp. Handle the film at a distance of at least on meter away from the safelight.


Film Boxes are preferably kept flat, at a temperature of 20 ~25 (68 ~77) at 50~60% relative humidity. Temperature and relative humidity in the storage room must be kept with strict tolerances to avoid dimensional changes.

Automatic Processing

This film is suitable for processing in various automatic processors.

In order to obtain "Optimun performance", it is necessary to use the dedicated developer NAT-540. For fixer, use our Fixer NAT-750. For details, see below.

Mixing Chemicles:

Chemical Dilution Ratio ( Chemical : Water )
Developer NAT-540 1 : 2
Fixer NAT-750 1 : 4


Processing Conditions:

Step Chemical Temperature Time
Development NAT-540 32 ~35 (90 ~95) 30 sec.
Fixing NAT-750 25 ~35 (77 ~95) -
Wash Running water, 5 liters/min 15 ~30 (59 ~89) -
Drying - 50 (122) max. -

Developer Replenishment Rates

The standard replenishment rates are indicated below in milliters per sheet of 50.8x61.0 cm size film.

  • Developer replenisher NAT-540...............100 ml
  • Fixer replenisher NAT-750.........................120 ml

Dimensional Stabilty

In gereral, heat and water can cause dimensional changes in any substance, including films. The operational environment factors of temperature and relative humidity, and the processor conditions can therefore affect film dimension.

Thermal Coefficient of linear Expansion
Unprocessed or processed film 0.0010 % per degree C
0.00056 % per degree F
Humidity Coefficient of linear Expansion
Unprocessed film 0.0011 % per % RH
Processed film 0.0010 % per % RH
Processing Dimensional Change
Processing Dimensional Change Dependent on drying conditions

Characteristic Curve

Characteristic Curve

UV Transmittance

UV Transmittance Curve


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