Why choose NGS ?

With 9 warehouses and 14 Technical Specialists, NGS offers the highest level of technical support in the PCB  industry for phototool applications.


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We Invite You to Visit Our Imaging Specialists in Las Vegas in 2016. 


Welcome to National Graphic Supply

National Graphic Supply is a nationwide distributor specializing in Fuji Phototool Films, NGS Diazo Film, Folex Diazo Films, Plotter Films, Phototool Protection Film and Contaminant Cleaning Systems. We also offer other related products like Storage Envelopes, Film Processing Chemicals, Silver Film Processors, Diazo Film Developers and Safelight Filters to support your photo imaging department.

With 9 warehouses and 8 Technical Specialists, NGS offers the highest level of technical support in the PCB industry for phototool applications.

Customer Service (800) 779-5657 (909) 989-5200 Fax (909) 989-5212


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